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Please notice! By applying to support in Garbicz festival you accept and undertake to abide by the terms and conditions you can find HERE. In particular, you will know what Garbicz Festival can expect from you, and what you can expect from us. Please read all information carefully and apply only if you agree to our conditions. If you do not understand any part of this notice, please let us know. 

SET UP SUPPORT DATES: between 03.07. - 01.08.24 

How it works

Please write in your real name, so we can find you easily with your ID in the software later on site.
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Please write your mobile phone number with the area code. Like 0048 or +48 for Poland.
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For those we do not know personally, it´s nice to have a picture and maybe see some familiar faces from those we do not recognize by name!
Show us your face (if you like)!

If not you find here the terms and condition

Choose your team and working period. 

In the next step you will be asked to pay the deposit right away. Please wait until the next page of the website is loaded. Only by paying the deposit your chosen position can be blocked for you. The payment is your confirmation and you will receive a confirmation email from us. You can go ahead and plan your stay in Garbicz then. If you would like to support us more than one week you need to fill in the form twice or more. Please also check our cancelation policy in the terms and conditions

If you already have a position (either as a supporter or crew member) confirmed within our crew, please DO NOT fill out the form. Your registration for GF24 will be arranged through another process. This may take some time.

Did you fully read the description of our supporting process? *

Your Skills

Have you supported us in the last years before (eg. 2022,...)? *
If yes in which department? *
TrafficTranslators Embassy of Human Affairs Info point / Top-upCatering Checkers Kitchen BarTent HotelAccreditation Technik Construction
We would love to hear about your professional experience or what you like to do most. This will help us to put you in the most suited position according to your skills! If the skills don't match your task later on we might need to switch you into another team on site.
Tell us a bit about your skills: *
ChefCatering / cooking for plenty of peoplePolish speakingManual workCarpenter - wood work ElectricianForklift operatorLocksmith/metal workerMechanicTent constructionDriving Trucks > 3,5tOther
Language skills - are you fluent or even native in any of those languages? *
English - basic communication English - fluent English - native Polish - basic communication Polish - fluent Polish - native German - basic communication German - fluent German - native
How about your driving skills? Do you have any licence? *
B - Car (PKW)C - truck > 3,5 tonsC1 - truck 3,5 - 7,5 tonsNopeOther? We´re curious for what!

Choose your team

You only can choose a spot if it's free. Taken spots will not be able to process the application with. First come first serve.

Important: YOU MUST CHOOSE ONE TEAM AND ONE TIME PERIOD otherwise we cannot process your application. 
If you want to support more than one week you can choose multiple weeks.
The spot you take can be changed by a EHA team-member, if you do not have the requiered skills. Fitting skills are a must for certain positions.


Support our construction team with wood and construction work around the food court and the floors. Carpenter skills are asked for and you are welcome to bring your own tools.


Help to set up the whole festival infrastructure . As trouble shooters we help out and work with different departments. A wonderfull aspect of this department is the interdisciplinary activities and locations. The tasks can include construction and manual work as well as simple jobs, like taking away construction waste and logistic jobs.


Support the kitchen team by prepaging and helping cooking (fast knive cutter accrobats are warmly welcome), handing out the food to the other workers on site and keeping the food area tidy during all phases of the festival. 


Support the crew to mark the camping areas and support guests who arrive by vehicle at the grounds. Might include hard physical work in the beginning, but also sitting around checking wristbands and car passes.


Help putting up all the path lighting on the ground to make the festival shine.


Support the power crew to install the electricity around the ground. Physical fitness is needed.


Support the water crew by fixing all the water pipes.


Be prepared to design and fix all the festival signalization. That includes layout, painting and fixing the signs. Creative and painting skills are a must. Some skills how to use a saw and screw driver are helpful.


Help in the fancy office to take care of the truck logistics and hand out the walkie talkies. 
(Driving license is a big plus!)


Jump in wherever help is needed, you might change your team on a daily base.


Support the Embassy team on the front desk, help checking in crew and supporters and be ready to answer a lot of questions. Social as organizational skills and a warm welcoming mindset needed. Having the will to work on computer and in the shadow during daytime is a plus.


Start the wristband check while more and more people arrive during the last week of Set Up.  


Prepare the Bars and Fridges to be ready for the big party. Help to sort out the storage rooms and distribute stuff to the bars (set up job, no bar job).


This team is getting Tentation up and ready, refreshing tents and equipping them with furniture and deco. They also take care of the roads and get the area cleaned up.

In which team you would like to support the GF24? *

Choose your supporting period

As you read in the supporter terms and conditions, in set up frames you have to commit for one week of work.

In which period (before festival) do you want to support us? *

Choose your supporting period

As you read in the supporter terms and conditions, in set up frames you have to commit for one week of work.

In which period do you want to support the kitchen?

Your drive and experience 

Have you ever supported/volunteered at any other festival? *
At which festival have you worked before?
Do you need any special assistance?
If yes, how can we help you?
What drives you/make you wanna to support us? *
Enough questions from our side! Is there anything you want to let us know? *
You can answer this question at the very end. Your friends need to submit this application form as well, otherwise we cannot take your preference into consideration.
Do you have a friend applying you want to share the same shifts?
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